Polymer Clay Sea Creatures

Just having fun and it’s not even Friday



4 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Sea Creatures

  1. I would love to see one, I’m going to be making some bookmarks with mini clay creatures , beads and ribbon. If I still have scrap clay left I’ll make charm brackets with mini clay creatures.

  2. I use eBay for items such as split rings, but i haven’t used split rings with links, I usually just use 2 or however many split links I require and a soldering iron so I don’t get the overlap when closing the spit rings.

  3. Hi, I am glad you like them.
    Yes, I use glass beads and also the glass taxidermy bear decoy lures. With the beads I thread wire through them and than put the hem into the clay. I am looking for the spilt rings with the links on them , where are you getting them from?

  4. I love this! I have been thinking up sea creatures to make as a key ring and this has just inspired me as far as technique is concerned. How did you put the bead in for the eye? Is it a glass bead to avoid melting in the oven?

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